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Whitmore Family Music Endowment


Thanks to a generous donation and in loving memory

of Otterbein's beloved organist and choir member,

Priscilla Ann Whitmore, we are pleased to announce

the Whitmore Family Music Endowment.


​​The goal of this program is to offer short-term classes on varied aspects of music to promote musical knowledge and appreciation. Topics for exploring will be offered in 4-8 week sessions and include subjects such as music reading and notation, music appreciation, classical music workshops, symphony overviews, opera seminars, instrumental lessons, and music in the movies. All classes and materials will be free of charge.


Whitmore Family Music Endowment

He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.  Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in Him.

~ Psalm 40:3 ~


Priscilla Ann Whitmore (1939-2020) was a beloved and devoted member of Otterbein United Methodist Church.  A dedicated member of the church’s Music Ministry, she blessed the congregation with her music throughout her lifetime.  Priscilla served as the church’s early service organist for forty years and was a faithful soprano in the Sanctuary Choir.  Upon her passing, Priscilla bequeathed a generous gift to Otterbein UMC in honor of her family.  Due to her years of serving the congregation with her time and musical gifts, the Worship Team chose to honor her memory through the creation of the Whitmore Family Music Endowment.  This fund allows for the development of music programs and music education opportunities for Otterbein UMC and the Harrisonburg community at large.  The endowment exists to keep Priscilla’s love of organ playing, choral music and sacred arts alive.  Programs and concerts sponsored by her gift have the goal of glorifying God through His gift of music, the arts and liturgical education.  It is our aim that through the celebration of worship and music, Priscilla’s gift and legacy will be honored for generations to come.    

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