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The History of Otterbein
United Methodist Church
1894 - 2020

With great faithfulness, thirteen people set out in the late nineteenth century to establish a new United Brethren in Christ church in Harrisonburg, Virginia.


Dating back to 1894, Otterbein United Methodist Church has been touched by world events, seen denomination mergers and name changes, and experienced triumphs as well as trials. Through the peaks and valleys, the congregation has remained in mission and ministry to the local and global community.


Rich in heritage, the pages of this chronicle give the reader a glimpse into the work of congregants who put their faith in God and who have been led by His omnipotence throughout the years. More than a building, this church was established by a love of God, and is sustained by continued faithfulness in doing His work.



Maybe you will discover something that triggers a fond memory. If nothing else, you will see how God works through people in wonderful and glorious ways…then and now! — Carole Gaines

THEN & NOW—The History of Otterbein United Methodist Church 1894-2020 was written to update the local congregation’s history as this church’s 125-year-anniversary had recently been celebrated in 2019.


What’s inside:

  • Denomination history beginning with the birth of Bishop Otterbein

  • Easy to follow time-line history of the growth and ministry of the church, 1894-2020

  • Photos

  • Pastor profiles

  • Organists, and choir and music directors

  • Fact-filled Appendices

  • Transcripts of member interviews and remembrances

  • Discover how local and global events impacted the work of the church

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Comments from Readers:

“…I took books over to [church members living in Assisted Living facilities].  [She] was so very delighted with hers I just had to tell you. She said she read through most of it Saturday afternoon and she was so happy…Thanks very much for your hard work on this very worthwhile, well-executed project.”—J.R.


“…I have perused the book and it is wonderful.  What a great job you did.  And, congratulations on a job well done!!!!”—C.D.


“On behalf of the Gruver-Souders UB/EUB Archives, I thank you so very much for contributing your church history book to the archives…Thanks again so very much.”—J.F.S.


“ ‘THEN & NOW—The History of Otterbein U.M. Church’…is a thorough and well organized chronicle, marking 125 years of this Harrisonburg church.  It was impressive on several levels, including the various ministries and missions this church has been involved with in this community and around the world.”—K.B.


“I have been absorbed in reading your book!!  Very enjoyable.” —P.L.

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