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Mission Work

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Otterbein is committed to making disciples for Jesus Christ through the transformation of the World. One way we work to accomplish this is through our commitment to mission work. 


Otterbein partners with HSP (Highland Support Project) by supporting the organization financially

and by sending teams to serve in the Highlands of Guatemala.

Our 2022 team helped build stoves for individual homes.

This enables women to cook meals for their families without having to

stand over an open fire and breath in excessive amounts of smoke.

Our team worked alongside Guatemalan Masons.


Sierra Leone

Otterbein, along with 15 other UMC's from around the country are in partnership with Helping Children Worldwide, to bring education and healthcare to a country that according to the UN is the worlds “least livable” based on it’s poverty and poor quality of life.  

 In October 2019, a team of 6, which included one Otterbein member, traveled to Sierra Leone. Otterbein's member counseled Mercy Hospital staff on ways to improve efficiency, assisted with their village Outreach Clinics, and met with Otterbein's sponsored children, delivering rice to each child.

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