Race, Class, and the Kingdom of God

Race, Class, and the Kingdom of God
Study Series
"Be Equipped and Empowered
for Reconciliation"


These free online classes will give you resources to effectively understand and engage in the work of reconciliation.  Our resource is Arrabon, an organization that believes the Church should be a foretaste of a reconciled heaven to our divided world.  We welcome everyone that is curious about racial issues, those who want to understand how they can do more, and everyone who wants to learn more about what the Bible says about race and class.  



This 6-week course is offered via Zoom beginning in January 2021:


Race, Class, & the Kingdom of God

Mondays, January 18 - February 22 from 7-8 pm

Thursdays, January 21 - February 25 from 12-1 pm


There is a video component for each class, presented by David M. Bailey (Executive Director) and Elena Aronson (Director of Training) from Arrabon. Participants are asked to watch the 20-minute video in advance of each class. There is also an accountability partner component. You'll be given a partner and we'll ask you to call your partner for a brief conversation connected to the class content. The total weekly time commitment for this course is approximately 2 hours total (1 hour class, 20 minutes to view video, 20-30 minute phone call with your accountability partner). All classes use Zoom Video conferencing software and links will be emailed to participants. 


Please contact Faith Fowler to sign up or for more details: faithfowler@vaumc.org


Our Facilitator:

Pastor Faith Fowler graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC in 2000, where she earned a Master of Divinity degree with a focus on urban ministries. From 1996-2000, Faith lived at Esther House in DC, an intentional Christian community for women seeking to be good neighbors in the inner city. While living there, Faith founded and directed a non-profit youth ministry called Building Bridges, whose mission was to connect youth from different cultures to serve the community and have conversations about racism while practicing racial reconciliation. Faith came to Christ at age 22 while attending a Black Church in DC and her expression of spirituality has been largely formed by the traditional Black Church experience. She has been committed to cross cultural relationships throughout her adult life, and is the mother of two biracial children, Solomon and Sarah Grace. From 2014-2018, Faith served as pastor of John Wesley UMC, the oldest historically Black Church in Harrisonburg, VA. She has been serving at Otterbein UMC as the Associate Pastor since August of 2018.

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